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You have many choices of plans and carriers. The best value for you may depend on not only premium costs, but also the services that are covered and the physicians and hospitals in the provider network. You can view particular plans from our portfolio of carriers and apply online. Or, let us help you understand plans and rates by contacting us directly.

Following are brief descriptions of types of individual/family plans. Please click below on those that interest you.

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Individual and Family Health

Individual and Family Health Plans may cover all family members on a single policy or be tailored to save on premiums or to satisfy each family member's diverse needs. Because a carrier can consider your health background, applicants in excellent health may be offered lower rates than applicants with medical conditions or histories. Plans will differ in the scope of what is covered (such as hospital only plans), your share of costs, the limit of your liability for covered services, and the involvement of provider networks. With medical innovations allowing for greater out-patient options and drug therapies, we frequently recommend high deductible comprehensive plans as the best value for our clients.

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Short-Term plans can be used to start coverage the next day for qualified applicants and are often written to cover an applicant while a permanent individual plan is being underwritten.

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PPO plans utilize large networks of physicians and hospitals. These plans generally have a flat copayment for office visits and certain out-patient services, and a calendar year deductible must be met before the carrier begins to pay its share of hospital charges and other out-patient expenses. The patient's liability is limited by the out-of-pocket maximum, which applies to most covered expenses. PPO providers will not bill for more than the carrier allows. Out of network providers are reimbursed at lower levels and may bill excess charges.

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HMOs typically keep out-of-pocket costs low and require physician-directed care. Services out of the physician network are only covered if the HMO authorizes the care.

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Consumer Directed Plans

Consumer Directed Plans give you a low-cost option and immediate benefits by providing limited first dollar coverage at 100%, then applying a deductible or shared costs before high-level catastrophic coverage begins (80% or 100%). Unused first dollar benefits can roll over to the following year(s), depending on the plan, enabling you to save 100% coverage.

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High Deductible HSA-Compatible Plans*

High Deductible HSA-Compatible Plans* can be combined with Health Savings Accounts or used to insure only large healthcare expenditures. Except for preventive care, all covered healthcare expenses apply to the calendar year deductible, and the deductible applies to the annual out-of-pocket maximum. Request a quote. Return to top. Plans pay 100% of covered charges for the remainder of that year once this maximum is met. The family deductible can be satisfied by any or all family members and must be met before benefits are payable on behalf of any family member. Therefore, dependent premiums tend to be lower than traditional plans with per member limits.

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Health Savings Accounts*

Health Savings Accounts* enable people to save money for qualified healthcare services on a tax-free basis. An HSA-account holder receives a tax deduction for deposits and disbursements are not taxed if spent for healthcare, dental care, vision care, and other allowable expenses (according to IRS guidelines). An HSA has three parts: a qualified underlying high-deductible health plan, a plan administrator, and an investment or bank account. Several insurance carriers have partnered with financial institutions to package qualifying plans and Health Savings Accounts. You can contribute to HSAs up to the program-specified annual maximums or 100% of your insurance deductible, whichever is lower. A catch up contribution is allowed also for persons over 55 years of age. HSAs are owned by you and are completely portable.

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Individual Dental

Individual Dental plans perform well when provider networks are strong. We recommend reviewing the carrier's provider directories for available products before applying. Most policies have waiting periods for major services and many limit annual reimbursement to $1000 or less.

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements help pay your share of Medicare allowable charges and may also cover charges over the allowed amounts and/or extra services. Medicare Supplements conform to standard benefit plans designed by the government and vary primarily by rates, services, and network incentives. Plans are guaranteed issue under certain circumstances and events which we will be glad to describe on request. You may also be able to change plans on the 1st of your birthday month.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a valuable and flexible tool in financial planning and should not be overlooked or underestimated. Whole Life or permanent life policies build up cash values over time which may be sufficient to support the policy in later years. Term insurance is written for a specific time period after which it must be renewed at a new rate or re-issued. Many policies include a provision for early payment of part of the insurance if an insured is terminally ill. Term insurance is typically less expensive than whole life or permanent insurance initially, but premiums on renewal or for elderly applicants for term policies may be unreasonably high. The best choice for you will depend on both your short-range needs your long-range financial strategy, which we can help you determine.

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