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Medicare & Employer-Sponsored Group Coverage


Are you a business owner with 20 or more employees? Are you still the primary payer on the group health plans for your Medicare-eligible employees? Is your HR Department burdened with the task of consulting your employees on enrollment, plan options, coverage details and everything that comes along with Medicare?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we could be helping you save headache & healthcare costs for your business. As experts in group health plans and specialists in the senior health marketplace, we can work with you, your HR team and your employees to make sure that employees get enrolled in the right plans at the right time, and your HR stays protected from complicated Medicare conversations and costly enrollment errors.

Why Work with Vanasek Insurance Services?

Medicare can be complicated and overwhelming, for enrollees and for employers. Even if you have experienced HR professionals and existing health insurance plan consultants, it can be difficult to consult Medicare-eligible employees on all of the proper enrollment time periods, plan options, penalty possibilities, cost-saving techniques, and more.

As specialists in the senior health plan marketplace, as well as experienced, active group health plan brokers working with top employers across the nation, we can help consult with your business to make sure both you and your employees are covered when it comes to their Medicare enrollments.

  • Medicare Educational Seminars & Material
  • 1-on-1 Business Consulting with Leading Medicare & Health Insurance Agent
  • Dedicated Support for Enrollments
  • Ongoing Resource for Medicare, Health & Other Business Insurance Needs


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