Infographic: Cyber Security Risks for Small Business

Cyber Liability Insurance in California

Cyber security has become more critical than ever, and the consequences of exposed information technology (IT) and cybersecurity vulnerabilities can be catastrophic for a business, especially small business startups. Consider the following to decide whether your business is at high risk from a cyberattack, and get protected with our Cyber Liability Insurance!

Quick Cyber Security Facts:

  • $1,077 is the average ransom demand
  • 43% of Cyber Attacks target small business
  • $133,000 is the average cost to businesses
  • The USA is the #1 target of cybercrime in the world
  • 76% of business organizations were targets of phishing in 2017
  • 33 billion records will be stolen annually by 2023
  • 75% of attacks on network-connected devices were on internet routers in 2018, and connected cameras account for 15% of attacks.
  • 49% of malicious email attachments are disguised as office files. Email is responsible for spreading 92% of all malware.
  • 46% of websites have high cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Security Risks for Small Business

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